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Fitness Ladies

Gail, Tamworth

Every week Lisa works me really hard and every week I go back for more! Simply the best motivational PT I've ever had, with the best end results designed for the individual.

Fit Woman

Sharon, Sutton Coldfield

Can't Recommend this lovely lady enough, if anybody on my friends list is interested in a PT session, she really knows her stuff, full of positivity and energy and will work with you to help you reach your goals.

Woman Running

Tracey, Little Aston

Lisa always gets me motivated. I can't say I'm a fan of exercise but I always enjoy my sessions with Lisa every session is different and I feel great afterwards.

Been with me since day 1.

Dominic, Four Oaks

Knowing exactly how to target different areas properly is always a challenge.  I do a workout programme that Lisa has developed for me and I can adapt this to workout from home with her guidance. 


If I don’t get the form right, she will explain the different muscle groups and how best to develop them. She is always giving me new exercises for new areas, to help me push myself further. 

Woman in Blue Tank Top

Helen, Sutton Coldfield

I have always had exceptional difficulty sticking to a physical fitness programme and knew that I needed someone to work with me on my goals.  Despite joining gyms previously, this always made me feel self-conscious and uncomfortable, irrespective of results achieved.


With Lisa it is such a different experience - she works hard to personalise the programme and always provides me with excellent support as I try to achieve my goals.  The lessons are fun and varied, and as such she helps to keep me focused.  I wouldn’t be without her. 


Claire, Lichfield

You look fab! Actually perfect Lisa. Sometimes PT's can look intimidating or vain like "hey you can look as good as me!" but you look warm, friendly and FIT. Perfect....

… “Exercise is so important at this time, It’s therapy, mental and physical! Well done Lisa for keeping people smiling!”

Joanne, 3 Days a Week PT Sessions

When I started with Lisa my priority was to lose weight; in MY mind that was the most important thing surely, why else do it? However, after a week or two my priorities shifted, I was no longer jumping on the scales to see how much weight I had lost; training with Lisa became much more than that. I can honestly say that the days I train are the days I have more energy and tick off more tasks on my to do list, but more importantly I feel good, I feel happy and the anxiety that often accompanies the menopause has lifted. My strength has improved and I am actually starting to feel more toned and happier with my body.

I've been training with Lisa for several months now and she is professional, knowledgeable and passionate; she knows when to push me that little bit further and will often go the extra mile to show me correct techniques and explain the reasons why.

She has equipped me with the confidence and knowledge to take my training further and I've loved every single session I've had with her.

I have no hesitation in recommending Lisa, go for it - you'll come out of it a stronger person both in mind and body.

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